23mm Pearl Pink Leather Strap Band Fits CARTIER SANTOS 100 XL Non-Chronograph by Vintage G EXJJNUZJC


24mm Black Rubber Band Strap For NST 101 N17591G es 475NTC XLXAVZOXC

24mm Band Strap Keeper Loop Black Rubber PNDUBHUDY

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Keeper Inner Width: 24mmDurable Rubber / Silicone MaterialBlack ColorSize denoted the inside width of keeper opening, Use a ruler to measure the width of the band at the tail end(the part that goes through the keeper) and you will have the right size

Silicone / Rubber Watch Band and Strap Keeper Loop - Secures the tail end of the band/strap. Replaces the broken watchband loop on Casio, Timex, Seiko, Citizen, Invicta, Suunto, and other watches

24mm Watch Band Strap Keeper Loop Black Rubber PNDUBHUDY

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