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Bronze Pocket 24 Hour Open Face Quartz Roman Numerals Scale with Chain OJUPFUHKE

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Precise quartz movement, offers actual time; white dial, black roman numerals scale and hands, easy to read the time. Elegant case with long chain. The chain is made of good metal and very strong.A full hunter pocket watch has a protective cover over the face, but has a hole in the center through which you can see the hands and tell the time. This hole has a high hardness glass lens.Classic pocket watch: roman numerals scale, very special. Heavily engraved back cover with exquisite patterns, vintage appearance design. It has a good weight to it which feels good while holding in the hands.Easy to set time: you can set time easily by yourself, just pull the crown away from base of the watch a little and turn the crown clockwise until reaching the exact time.This is a great watch for the price. Perfect gift for Halloween costume, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father's day, Valentine's Day etc.

Bronze Pocket Watch 24 Hour Open Face Quartz Roman Numerals Scale with Chain OJUPFUHKE

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