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CARNIVAL Women's Automatic Mechanical Inlay Rhinestones Mother of Pearl Dial Chic Butterfly Flower OKGKTBIJM

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Butterfly applique skeleton design:Chic fashion dress code design with,Exquisite rhinestones mosaic decoration bezel,Unique chic butterfly flower applique, Leading you to experience the luxury style of fashion trends.Mother of pearl dial is by its nature full of mystery and surprises. according to the part of the shell from which it is extracted, it can differ in colour intensity and structure. In different lights it can evoke a stormy sky, a clear moon, iridescent reflections in water.Rose gold plated stainless steel Case:Stainless steel water proof case cover make it super durable,Stainless steel push button clasp make it easy to put on or take off,provide convenient and comfortable wearing experience.Women's mechanical watch:Self-winding automatic movement . Powered by everyday movement of your arm.Waterproof watch:its waterproof 30 meters, can withstand rain water splash, rather than hot water shower and sauna

Watches of CARNIVAL brand was established in the early twentieth century in 1986, adhering to the brand concept of precision to create a legend ,
Swiss manufacturing technology and design style, breaking the traditional mature classic watches for the mainstream situation, open up new classic,fashion style.
CARNIVAL watch is the pioneer of high-end watch industry,There are more than 160 countries have sales network and service agencies,
We control quality successfully,based on top-of-the-line testing and extensive expertise.
Welcome to achieve CARNIVAL watch challenge if your eyes farsighted and looking for perfect.
What can I do when the watch stop
Fully winding up spring need be turn the crown clockwise 40-50 rounds to start the watch and give it some reserve power,
Self-winding automatic movement watch needs to wear every day (for about 8 to 12 hours a day),
The Automatic Wrist Watch is wound by the motion of the wearer's arm,that is wound by wrist morements thanks to the rotor,
this device winds the watch's mainspring automatically using the natural motions of the wrist, with a rotating-weight mechanism.
If an automatic watch is not worn for a day or two, Or the natural movement of the wrist is very small,it will wind down and need to be Supplementary winding
by hand to get it started again,turning a Crown winding attached to a ratchet which twists the mainspring tighter,Energy is stored in the mainspring manually by winding it up.
A separate set of gears called the keyless work winds the mainspring when the crown is rotated,
and when the crown is pulled out a short distance allow the hands to be turned to set the watch.

CARNIVAL Women's Automatic Mechanical Watch Inlay Rhinestones Mother of Pearl Dial Chic Butterfly Flower OKGKTBIJM

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